ORLANDO,Fla. – Effective Monday July 1 a new H.O.A. reform bill goes into effect essentially ending the run of so called H.O.A “dictatorships” in Florida.

An estimated 2 million homes are currently run by some form of Home Owners Association but until now those HOA’s have never registered with the State.

Jan Bergmann a long time champion of H.O.A. reform and head of Cyber Citizens for Justice calls the new law a solid first step towards ending the HOA conflicts.

“Regulation means easy enforcement and that’s what is missing,” Bergmann says.

Under the new law every H.O.A. in the state must register with the Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation by November 22.

That will lead to a second piece of legislation that will include proposals for an estimated $2 annual fee from home owners and a ban against liens placed on properties when the home owner can’t afford HOA fees.




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