By John Springer

32 Summer Trees Road

I hope everyone attends the Oct. 18 meeting of the Summer Trees West HOA. One of the items on the agenda is a review of the board’s 2016 goal of improved communication. It’s clear “The Board” has a long way to go. For example (just one of many). “The Board” demands that you correspond with the HOA via certified mail with return receipt requested.

This requires you to drive across town to the post office. They have you send it to an address that does not legally exist (the “clubhouse” that has no Certificate of Occupancy and from which official HOA records required by law to be kept mysteriously disappear when someone suggests an audit). They have you send it certified mail knowing no one will be there to sign for it. I jumped through the board’s hoops on Oct. 5 to inform the board that I will be videotaping their next meeting and will stand by their silly and arbitrary rule that the device be 15 feet away from the ruling junta.

usps4 Today, 10 days later, they still haven’t gone to the post office to pick the letter up. And this from an HOA board that declared that its goal for 2016 was to improve communication. Why does the board play these petty games? Answer: Because the board doesn’t like dissent and doesn’t really want to improve communication with anyone who dares to question the spending without board approval; the way “The Board” uses its $300-per-hour lawyer to silence elderly bloggers like Hank Springer; the reckless gambling they are doing with the ill-advised lien on 107 Cypress Pond Road; and, the overall lack of transparency.

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